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Standard Poodle Exercise

Poodles of any size are very active dogs. They require a good amount of exercise every day to meet their high energy needs. Poodles love all kinds of activity and they enjoy keeping busy. My poodles love to swim. It is a great form of exercise and most poodles love the water. Heidi my one poodle has a strong hunting instinct. Which is possible in the breed as well. She loves hunting and searching the yard. They all have a high impulse to retrieve as well. One of their favorite exercises is playing and retrieving tennis balls. Some poodles may prefer a favorite toy, sticks etc but any exercise is great for both their mind and body. They love long walks and jogging as well with their human. If you enjoy any of these activities they too would love to come along for the ride. Oh and don’t forget car rides. Mine love car rides to the dog park.

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