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Our Pledge and Promise to You

Image by Faith McDonald


My ultimate goal as a standard poodle breeder is to preserve and improve the breed itself. I plan to bring into the world dogs that are of outstanding quality, that are emotionally sound both body and mind. I have extensive knowledge of the breed. Beyond that is my love and passion for the love of dogs specifically poodles. I have always been magically drawn to the breed since I was a little girl. My family bred poodles and my love started there.  I have immersed myself in the world of conformation. I read every book I can get my hands on. I attended as many judging events as I can and I ask questions of all the people whom I come in contact with regarding the breed.


Much of my knowledge and research began from books, magazines, and the internet. Over time, I have grown that knowledge significantly. Staying in close contact with the AKC and their website I have been in contact with the breeds’ national parent club which has been a great resource and a very important step in becoming a successful breeder.  I have spent hours and hours studying the breed standards.  In this business, it is so important to never stop learning and always continue to learn. I have made great connections with experienced people that work specifically with the breeder. I have found great mentors that have assisted me in the steps to add benefits to building a successful organization. I have learned the intricacies of proper feeding, whelping, exercise, training, grooming, show handling, and breeding. The knowledge has been endless.


Lastly, I have come to understand fully but most importantly the commitment involved in being a successful breeder. Breeding is labor-intensive, time-intensive very emotional, and a huge financial commitment. It is not something to enter into lightly or without adequate preparation. I have been building my breeding business for years before my first litter. It takes time to find the right pair to breed.


For the first few weeks a litter is born there is a lot of time and energy devoted to that litter. You are nearby to watch over them to make sure no puppies are in danger of being crushed and they are all nursing properly.


This is where breeding becomes a huge financial commitment. Not to mention keeping the whelping boxes cleaned and maintained. This is why we screen every home the puppy is going to. From the cost of stud services to pre-screening checks and routine veterinary care and sometimes even unforeseen medical issues that come up. It is important to understand what is involved.


There is also the emotional commitment involved. You get attached to the puppies and the puppies go to homes at 8-12 weeks or so and they go on to their great homes.  We want to make sure that every puppy is going to the best home with the best fit for both the new family and the pup.  As a breeder, I am available with a lifelong commitment to each puppy throughout their life. Whether there are questions and or concerns along the way my promise is always to be there for every new family with questions that may arise throughout their entire life.



Sincerest Regards,



Kristin A. Leest




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