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Adopting with Us

Congratulations on your new Baby( poodle) from Simply Standard Poodles! 

For some this may be your first and for others, it may be your second, third, fourth, well you get the point, they say you can’t just own one. 
We hope you have a great experience and we look forward to helping you get ready to bring home your new puppy!


Things you will need: ( Here are just a few suggestions)


  • Crate For training ( large Size with divider) 36-42 long for most/ larger standards need 48 long

  • Collars ( they grow fast)

  • 6 Ft. Lead

  • Chew toys

  • Lots of Patients!

Things you will need to Do:


  1. Vet appointment. for 72 hrs. after the puppy has been taken from Simply Standards.

  2. Puppy proof your Home ( check for cords, House Hold cleaners, etc.)

  3. Puppy proof your Yard ( remove any plants that may be harmful)

  4. A safe place for a puppy when you're not going to be home

  5. Read books or/online about training

  6. Decide who will be in charge of training(especially those with children)

Schedule Pick-up

This is a very busy time and is a very special time for each of you. Please call to schedule your pick up date and time.  There may be others here as well so please schedule in advance so we can give everyone the time they need.  You will be scheduled in the order that you are on the list, if I have not scheduled the person in front of you I will have to call you back with the date and time, if someone can not make it at the 8-week point, then we will have to choose your puppy with other options, such as face time, pictures, and videos.

Schedule your flights

If your puppy will be flying, please be sure that we get this done promptly, I will need to know when and what airport, and the name and address of the person picking up.  Please understand that when flying an animal that our only concern is what is best for them, that means you may have to travel to an airport a bit further than you thought so we can have a better flight for your puppy. We travel with Pet safe through United Airlines.  

Arriving home with Puppy

Your puppy is a newborn when they leave us at 8 weeks.  At this age, they have only their first shots and should be kept away from places where lots of other dogs/puppies are until they are finished with their booster shots.  We do not recommend dog parks or pet stores at this time.   Try not to overstimulate them on the first day.  They will need to adjust, most do great some may need a day or two.  
We recommend feeding your puppy pumpkin during this transition, it is proven to aid with an upset stomach and other things that occur with the transition.  Plenty of water and a safe place to keep him/her when you can’t be around. 

Remember Puppies need your direct attention until they learn what you want, to keep your puppy safe never leave them for long periods of time until they have adjusted. 
We wish you the best and are always here to help, good luck and thank you for choosing us as your breeder!



If you would like to purchase one of our Poodle Babies please call or email us. Our information can be found on our contact page.

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