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Doodle My Poodle

Doodle My Poodle
Doodle my poodle? 

Many breeders discourage the cross-breeding of poodles with other breeds. There is an argument for both sides.

I believe that crossing breeds can lead to more genetic issues and complications for the puppies involved. At this time Simply Standard Poodles only produce Champion Bloodline Standard Poodles. We do crop tails and remove dew claws within three days of birth to meet the AKC standards for the breed. This way your new baby can perform in shows or agility competitions. Although it is not required for the agility it is to show your poodle. 

In the event, you have your own preference to leave your baby as he or she was naturally created you may request to leave her tail uncropped and or dew claws not removed. We ask that when you make this request it is done as soon as the babies are born as we are required to crop tails within 2-4 days of birth. At that time we would ask that you pay in full for your pup as this is a special request and goes outside of our regular practice at this time. We will continue to send you updates as your baby grows and once they are 8 weeks they will be available for pick up. 

We are truly excited that we get to go on this journey with you. Should you have any questions about the process please feel free to email us or reach out directly and we would be happy to answer any of your questions. 


Kristin Leest 

Simply Standard Poodles
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