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Great Items to Have When Bringing home a Poodle

So our little puppies are almost 8 weeks and they are getting ready to go home to their families. Some great tips for you as you bring them home.

  1. Always have a vet already picked out and do your research. Make sure you share the similar ideals of your new vet. It will be important when caring for your pup.

  2. Stock up on puppy toys, chew toys and different sensor items to keep them entertained.

  3. Stock up on puppy food. We use Purina Puppy chow Beef flavor because chicken tends to give all my poodles gas. You are able to change it to what you prefer it should be a slow transition to not upset their GI tract. It can take about a month to do this.

  4. Make sure to have a metal crate for nap time and sleep overnight. They will be already familiar with it but it will help you as well. It should be a great place for them to go to and relax. Small enough that they just fit so they wont pee inside, possibly a bed and favorite toy they only get when they go to the crate. Lots of praise and cookies helps too.

  5. I use Wee pads but as they get older they like to play with them. Amazon has cloth wee pads that are washable. They are very familiar with those. Keep one inside by the door and bring one outside to help potty-training. Once they get they are to use the mat, you can remove the one outside and they pee on the grass. Then remove the one inside and your potty-trained! Remember puppies can't control their bladders till about 12 weeks so expect accidents. It is ok they will eventually get it. If it becomes to much you can get pup diapers on amazon and if the boys get to big get them a belly band as the diapers don't always cover their private areas and pee can escape.

  6. Expect that puppies GI tract is sensitive. You can see bouts of diarrhea. If it lasts longer than a day or two you should see a vet. Often its a change in food more water than usual or they got into something they shouldn't have. Try plain yogurt wrapped around their kibble my babes loves it. It was their favorite. You can also do a sprinkle of dried pumpkin on kibble mixed with cold water. All puppies are able to eat dry kibble when they go home. Some though may want to play in the water bowl. If that's the case mix the water in with their food till their older and they should transition out of playing with the bowl.

  7. Keep the lights on during the day and off at night. Get them used to staying up with little naps during the day or they will want to stay up all night. Make sure to take them out and play and get them tired too. It will help with sleep at night.

  8. Practice tricks like sit, down and ok. Hotdogs and cheese sticks are a great treat. Enroll in an AKC class for extra training after pup has had all their shots.

  9. Be patient. Its all a process and eventually they grow out of everything. I am always a phone call away.

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