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Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

that have received plenty of interaction are likely to be less stressed in new and different situations. They are more adept at figuring things out and quicker to learn as adults.

So socialization in the early stages is so important. Puppies begin to play at around three weeks of age. This is a major force for all dogs. Through play with his or her litter-mates and any adult the puppies learn basics of canine life. During these weeks they learn that biting to hard makes play stop and they may get reprimanded from an adult. They learn to signal that they are just playing, and learn to read dominant behavior and how to be read by other dogs.

Play is a preparation for their hunting abilities and getting a puppy ready for their willingness to learn in the future.

If you find that your pup didn’t have as much early socialization do not worry. Dogs that have at least lived with humans will work hard to try and fit in with adults. They may be more unsure of themselves but this is where the positive reinforcement will come in handy as you begin to build your relationship with your pet.

Heredity and genetics and experiences are forces that shape animal behavior in dogs.

Finding a breeder that works to provide exceptional socialization at an early age and breed only for the quality and best interest of the animal make the best pet.


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