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Standard Poodle Nutrition

No matter the size poodle you will want to feed him or her the best possible dog food. Often your veterinarian or breeder can help you to decide on the right dog food for your pet. Depending on your pups age, activity level and size all come into consideration when choosing a good dog food. There are some dogs that are prone to getting overweight so make sure that you watch your dogs calorie consumption and weight level. Weight level can impact much of your dogs life. It can even shorten a dogs life causing early onset of specific issues. If you do decide to give your dog treats, do so in moderation. Treats can be an important training aid but if given to often can cause obesity. Obesity can affect a pups health, fertility and so much more. A raw food diet is all the rage at the moment. Please make sure to do your research and ensure you are not feeding your dog dangerous foods and or high fat content food. Make sure to never feed your dog cooked bones. They can splint and cause an early visit to the vet. Again, check with your vet before you start a new diet and review any concerns you may have about your dogs health and or weight.


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