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Puppy transition to their new home

So you decided to adopt and you are picking up your new poodle. How exciting! It is always a big day for you and your baby spoo. So what can you do to make the transition go well?

  1. Spend lots of time holding and cuddling your baby. Teach them you are now their new caregiver/mama. Often times trainers will recommend you tether your pup on a leash to your hip. Get them comfortable going where you go at all times. You don't want to give them full reign of the house yet, it can be overwhelming and a lot of room for accidents especially when their babies.

  2. Introductions to other pets should always be met with caution. Do it slowly and take time having them meet their new brothers and sisters. The crate is a great tool where the pup will feel safe while they learn to adapt to their new home. Always keep an eye on the pup until you notice all of them are getting along. There can be jealousy of a new pup and sometimes the older pups just don't like someone new in the house. Set up play times and get to know you times and let the puppy rest. They sleep a lot and those interactions will make your baby tired.

  3. Feed your 8 week old pup 3 to 4 times a day. Confirm the times with your breeder so they can stay consistent on the schedule and it will help with your transition to their new schedule with you. I get my pups onto a 6am 12pm 6pm routine with an extra feeding at night if they seem to be hungry. Helps them to sleep through the night. Just remember after they eat they always have to go to the bathroom. If your potty-training, feed your pup and take them outside right after they are finished.

  4. Often puppies get bouts of diarrhea. Whether they had more water than normal or ate something while they were outside. Little changes upset their tummies. Even stress can cause diarrhea. Make sure it doesn't last longer than a day. I always worm my pups at 8 weeks before they go to their new homes. If you see diarrhea don't be alarmed. I recommend plain yogurt mixed with their kibble which is their favorite or dried pumpkin and cold water mixed with their kibble to harden their stool.

  5. Sleep time can be hard but we have been crate training and they love their crates. The first three nights are hard for pups because they miss their littermates. Keep the crate close to you and cover with a towel at night to make them more comfortable. I play Disney movies like Dory, Moana and Frozen and they quickly settle down and fall asleep. Sometimes they listen to baby Einstein and classical music or even you tube videos that promote baby to sleep. They love it all! Put a blanket or old shirt with the pup so they get comfortable with your scent in their crate. The first three days are the hardest but it gets easier! Call with questions.

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