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Finding the right dog for you - Poodles

One of the most popular and well liked breeds we always see is the poodle. The poodle has been in the top 5 best dogs to have for the last decade. Their popularity is increasing once again and we know why. Their level of ability to learn is extremely high. They are great at problem solving, just ask my female poodle who loves to hunt. She will track the small animal scents from across the yard and mimic its trail to find it. Their ability to be obedient is high as well. They are great watch dogs but they do need a high level of indoor and outdoor activity.

When you are searching for a poodle my recommendation is to always go with a reputable breeder. All too often there can be puppy-mill strains which can bring out some of the behavior problems. Behavior problems can include excessive barking, irritable snapping and dominance guarding.

As a professional breeder we screen our dogs to ensure that we are creating healthy breeding lines. Every breeder has a purpose. Whether it is to breed service animals, top quality pets or even show quality or agility animals. Uncovering a breeders style and what they do to create their quality of animal is an important question to ask.

I have built a strong relationship with my veterinarian. I think it’s important. Ensuring as a breeder we are meeting all the new expectations of ensuring quality healthy dogs, these answers can often be drawn from your vet or a reproduction specialist in the canine industry.

As a breeder myself, we health test all of our dogs before we even consider breeding. Ruling out any prior existing conditions to ensure the next generation of puppies is happy and healthy is one of the first major steps in breeding. From there, just like in human reproduction the health of the mother is vital. The proper food, diet, nutritional supplements are all vital.

Ensuring your canine is being seen by their vet regularly is also important. While mom is pregnant with puppies regular vet check ups and nutrition is important to ensuring no complications while she is pregnant. From there after the puppies are born the importance of a healthy diet and ongoing veterinary care is so vital. Especially in the beginning of a puppies life.

There is a very big difference in high end breeding of champion bloodline canines, to backdoor breeders and then puppy mills. The difference is in the extra steps and care a breeder takes to ensure the temperament, sociability and a canines ability to learn and relate to humans is addressed. When in doubt get a referral to a great breeder, utilize the AKC database to find puppies that are required to meet some of the highest set standards in the industry.


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